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Introducing STRIP-IT - Design-It-Yourself Strip Quilting Fabric


Strip quilting has taken on new importance in recent seasons, made easier with precut, pre-coordinated strip bundles available today.  Marcus takes strip quilting to the next level with STRIP IT, an exciting and versatile new collection of pre-printed 2" wide prints spanning the width of the fabric!

STRIP IT's unique design features seventeen print sections across the width for lots of creative potential.  We've thought of just a few ways so far:

  • Cut it lengthwise along the print lines to create your own your own "strip bundles".
  • Cut it crosswise to create strips with a design of 2" squares across.  Makes an outstanding border.
  • Sew staggered strips together for the look of monochromatic bargello.
  • Cut strips into squares and vary the layout using watercolor technique.
  • Cut bias strips for quilt bindings, piping and other finishing details.
  • Mix and match the four colors - black, white, tan and ivory, or use each on its own.
  • Use Strip-It yardage for your quilt backs.
  • Refer to our Overdyeing 101 features to create custom-colored STRIP-IT yardage, then repeat the above suggestions!