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Introducing Star-Spangled Liberty

Introducing Star-Spangled Liberty

Fabric and BOM Program by Pam Buda

Star Spangled Liberty is an Americana celebration quilt, bursting with patriotic pride! As a unique row quilt, the design features a vertical "quilter's flag" and six horizontal star rows. The center row features several flag/star blocks and patriotic parade pinwheels, along with the option of appliquéd "America" and stars, or more pieced star/flag blocks and pinwheels. The STAR SPANGLED LIBERTY collection is a beautiful array of assorted red, light and blue prints created especially for this 9-month BOM program quilt. Pam explains some of the program's special features:

"Participants also enjoy some early American anecdotal history in the pages of the program about our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance, Old Glory flag facts, and about Betsy Ross, who played an epic role in the birth of the new nation. It truly warms my heart knowing how fabric, needle and thread, in the hands of a skilled needlewoman such as Betsy, has had such a lasting impact on our nation, and the world, in every century since her first colonial flag was completed, as Old Glory is recognized everywhere by everyone! As 'We the People' gather to inaugurate a new president, your customers can show their patriotic pride in our Star Spangled Liberty BOM program."