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Flannel Project Idea Round-Up

We'd thought you'd enjoy some of the great project inspiration based on the various PRIMO PLAID FLANNEL and SUEDED HAND-DYED FLANNEL collections for Fall 2014. Quilt shops everywhere are well stocked with Harvest, Halloween and Christmas designs, as well as general fall colors and designs.

Primo Pumpkins by Miriam Rawson
"Primo Pumpkins" by Miriam Rawson FREE PROJECT
Harvest Thyme
"Harvest Thyme" 16" x 34"
One for the Guys
"One for the Guys" 88" x 94"
by Vanessa Goertzen
Pumpkin Trio
"Pumpkin Trio"
Storm Watcher
"Storm Watcher" 52" x 67"
Cobblestone Square
"Cobblestone Square"
42" x 42" Wall Hanging or 21" x 42" Runner
Cozy Cabin
"Cozy Cabin" 74" x 98"
Homestead Holiday
"Homestead Holiday" 91" x 91"