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It's flannel season, so check out our new CLOTHESLINE KIDS FLANNEL line and stitch up something great for your favorite small people!  Occasionally, we are asked about the warning label printed on the board end of our kids' flannels, regarding the use of the flannel for children's sleepwear.  We include the information as federally regulated, leaving some quilters to wonder "If it isn't recommended for sleepwear, what else can we use the flannel for?"

Marcus flannels are great for lots of kids' projects.  As a general guideline, we'd suggest using the fabrics to create anything used by an infant or child during waking hours, not during bed time.  Some creative ideas include:

Baby Carriers Quilted Play Mats Receiving Blankets Bibs Quillows Hats, Scarves, Jackets Shopping Cart Covers Buntings & Booties Stuffed Toys & Dolls