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Try Our 60" Quilt Backs for Value and Versatility

For our quilting friends, retailers and longarm quilters and who are creating larger quilts like AMISH WITH A TWIST II (or quilting them for customers), our 60" QUILT BACKS is the perfect solution!! This new width allows you to easily back a quilt up to approximately 116" wide by simply piecing two lengths of backing with a single center seam. This generous width is also perfect for finishing quilts up to 56" wide with a single length! And because it's printed on the same fabric quality as our 45" quilt fabrics, the 60" yardage can be used on the front of the quilt as well as the back!

We think you'll find the 60" width perfect for a range of uses -- it's an economical alternative to the full 108" width. You'll love it for easy home décor accents to coordinate with your quilt design.

To join two 60" widths, we recommend using a seam allowance of ˝" to 1", and pressing the seam open. You can also join using an overlapping seam, sewing down the length, close to both edges of the fabric.