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Creative Uses for 108" Fabrics

With our ever-expanding range of extra-wide quilt backs, we began to think of all the creative uses for them, aside from beautiful backing for your quilts... and this is what we came up with. Do you have an idea to share? Send it to

  • Purchase two quilt backs in matching or contrasting designs and sew them together for a pretty duvet cover that's lightweight, for sewing ease as well as sleeping comfort.
  • Take advantage of the width for coordinating window treatments, tablecloths (especially round tablecloths without piecing!), pillows, headboard and more. It's often more economical than standard width decorator fabric.
  • Create a wholecloth quilt by simply layering the quilt back with batting and another back, and quilt along the print design.
  • Apply liquid starch to the fabric and apply it to the wall for "instant fabric wallpaper". Smooth out the fabric and let dry. Later, simply pull it down to remove.
  • Our wide-width fabrics also provide you with generous quilt borders without piecing!