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Faye Burgos

Scribbling, drawing, painting and "collecting" started in my early childhood and continues today; the space for the "collecting" seems to be my entire home!

My excitement and love of artistic discovery led me to lots of Saturday art classes. I earned my B.F.A at Moore College of Art & Design, which led to the opportunity to work in New York City in the textile design field. I spent many twenty-four hour days next to the copper roller print machines in the mills of New England and South Carolina. Then, the higher speed screen print machines became my new best "fast" friends! Soon, my career took me to adventures in print mills overseas as well.

I've always felt blessed to live and work in the world of design, color and change, and as design technology advances, I've also embraced the world of computer design. Creating gold-etched pansy fabric that still breathes, classic floral garden collections and modern styled defining groups has been wonderful. Working with our esteemed American museums has been a priceless gift to my soul. Through my patriotic and military-themed fabric collections, I express my gratitude to our men and women in service - a "fabric thank you" for all they do to keep us safe.

I continue to gain inspiration from sewers and quilters of all skill levels, whose input helped lead me to create the Strip-ItT layout. I hope the concept gives sewing novices (like me!) and advanced enthusiasts alike, something fun and exciting to play with.

"Life is short...Let's have some fun with fabric!!

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