Headquartered in New York, Marcus Fabrics produces textile products for quilting and crafts, with a dual emphasis on creativity and high quality. In 2011, we celebrate One Hundred Years of fine fabrics with state-of-the-art design studios constantly create distinctive collections that mirror the variety and technological advancements in the ever-changing world of fabric design.

One Hundred Years Ago...

The two eldest of the six Marcus brothers founded the company in 1911, and were later joined by their younger brothers. With its headquarters at 8183 Franklin Street in New York City, eventually the business grew to include sales offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Each brother responsible for a particular task from sales to accounting, and operations ran smoothly, at a time when communications were limited to the telephone and daily mail! In its early stages, Marcus' role was buying & selling textiles to the cutting trade.

Business continued to evolve, and Marcus began to design and convert its own goods, selling fabrics to the home sewing departments of big-time retailers such as Sears and J.C. Penney. In 1925, Prince Charming Cloth became the company's first trademarked product. Even during the Great Depression, Marcus Brothers weathered the economic storm through careful management of the business.

Marcus Brothers Textiles moved uptown to 41 Worth Street, establishing itself in what was then New York's Textile District. Its converting operations began with New England mills; during the post-Depression era, and soon after, the company produced fabrics in the South as well. Knits, solids and prints lines were developed for women's and children's apparel manufacturing.

In 1967, Marcus launched its retail division, under the brand name of Cottontail Fabrics. Twenty years later, Marcus became the first fabric company to create reproduction fabrics for quilters, in conjunction with quilt historian and collector Judie Rothermel. Marcus enjoys its distinction as the industry's first source for 1930's reproductions under the Aunt Grace brand. It's in the home sewing and quilting arena that Marcus still maintains its greatest success today. The mid-1980s marked the company's first ventures into overseas production, when its employees began to travel to China, Japan and Korea to source cottons and flannels.

From its beginning in 1911, the company's attention to detail continues today, as Marcus products can now be found in quilt and fabric shops worldwide. Marcus maintains its well-earned reputation in the industry through its creative goals and high standards of quality and service. In Fall 2007, the brand name of Marcus Brothers became Marcus Fabrics, reflecting the company's specialization and its dedication to the quilting industry.

Marcus is especially proud and excited about its recent collaborations with museums, to not only bring beautiful reproduction fabrics to the discerning quilter, but to also support the work of these museums in the area of quilt and textile preservation. By providing promotional avenues as well as financial support for such organizations as Old Sturbridge Village and New England Quilt Museum, Marcus Fabrics furthers its mission to preserve the traditions of quilting over the centuries.

In an environment where every theme, pattern, texture and color becomes a creative statement, enthusiasts choose Marcus fabrics as the centerpiece of their crafts, quilts, wearable art, apparel and home decor. Marcus' own studio designs also bring to life the creative concepts of award-winning design leaders like reproduction fabric expert Judie Rothermel, who marked 20 years in the industry in 2007.

In addition to the Retail Division's focus on over-the counter quilting & fabric shops, the company also produces a range of fabrics for the apparel, accessories & home décor markets under the corporate name of Marcus Brothers.

Marcus through the Years...