R23 Patches Of Joy
R23 Patches Of Joy
R17 Circa Prairie Basics
R17 Circa Prairie Basics
Pam's Perfect Blend of Prints and Shirtings Guarantee Success in Her New Circa 1880 Club Quilt
R18 Maple Lake Flannels
R18 Maple Lake Flannels
This Premium Flannel Captures the Beauty of Autumn in the Midwest, by Pam Buda
R21 Songbook: Harvest
R21 Songbook: Harvest
Thanksgiving Verse by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Classic Seasonal Motifs by Laura Berringer
R21 Songbook: Jingle
R21 Songbook: Jingle
Laura Berringer Blends Jingle Bells Lyrics with Trees, Bells, Sleighs and Festive Metallic Touches
Welcome to the November 2018 Edition of MarcusFabrics.com --

The excitement over our Favorite Quilting Season continues with exciting inspiration in the form of fabric collections, BOMs and more. This month, flannels and holiday themes headline! And you'll want to gather your favorite quilting friends for a very special Club concept by Pam Buda -- you won't want to miss it!! Plus, a great tutorial on Stuffed Work from Karen Phillips-Shwallon -- it all adds up to a fantastic season!

Whatever You Make, Make It with Marcus...

Lisa Shepard Stewart
Marketing Manager


The Circa 1880 Club by Pam Buda. Beginning March 2019!


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