R15 GTKH: Getting to Know Hue
GTKH: Getting to Know Hue
Color Options, Appliqué, Signature Nancy Rink Style in a Contemporary BOM
R17 Conestoga Crossing
Conestoga Crossing
Pam Buda Explores the Pioneers of the Oregon Trail in a Sampler BOM Quilt
R47 Dandy Days
Dandy Days
Sarah J Maxwell Finds Joy and Inspiration in Simple Dandelions
R22 Indigo
Paula Barnes' Latest Blends Blues of the Late 1900s, from Indigo to Cadet
R51 Elizabeth’s Dowry
Elizabeth's Dowry
Created with Karen Styles of Somerset Patchwork & Quilting and the Quilters' Guild of the British Isles
R09 Primo Flannels: Heathers
Primo Flannels: Heathers
Subtle, Mixable Textures Perfect for Wool Appliqué Backgrounds, and Fashion, Too!
R09 Primo Plaid Flannels: Cool and Calm
Primo Plaid Flannels: Cool and Calm
Gorgeous Lighter Tones of Your Favorite Fashion Flannels
R17 Antique Cotton Calicos: Old Plum Calicos
Antique Cotton Calicos: Old Plum Calicos
By Pam Buda, from Quilts Dating Back 150 Years -- And Perfect for Today's Home, Too!
R59 A Day in Spain
A Day in Spain
Casey York's Debut Mixes Elements of Spanish Art and Architecture
R37 The Rainbow Fish
The Rainbow Fish
Based on the Popular Children's Book - A Touch of Glitter Adds to Magic!
R37 Go Go! Dino!
Go Go! Dino!
Susan Cousineau's Race Track Dinosaurs, Complete with Action Panel Play Mat!
R37 In The Moment
In The Moment
Rich Russet and Teal Highlight Laura Berringer's Urbane Collection

Dear Quilting Friends:

We're looking ahead to Fall 2016 with a record number of fabric introductions...plus, you'll meet Casey York, our newest Studio 37 designer... and check out THREE new BOM programs! Sew much to cover, so let's get started!

Whatever You Make, Make It with Marcus...

Lisa Shepard Stewart
Marketing Manager


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  • Conestoga Crossing
    Conestoga Crossing
  • Dandy Days
    Dandy Days
  • GTKH: Getting To Know Hue
    GTKH: Getting To Know Hue
  • Star Spangled Liberty
    Star Spangled Liberty
  • Vintage Onyx BOM
    Vintage Onyx
  • Christmas Keepsakes BOM
    Christmas Keepsakes
  • A New Age BOM
    A New Age
  • River Rock & Radiant Reflections BOM
    River Rock & Radiant Reflections
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