R23 Patches Of Joy
R51 Meridian Stars
R51 Meridian Stars
Karen Styles' Medallion Panel, Digitally Printed, and Gorgeous Coordinates
All-New Designs Inspired by Our Favorite Holiday Candy!
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Wishing You a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!!

At this time of year especially, we express our Gratitude for another successful year, and for the many people who make it possible. We take great pride in providing the best experience possible for your creative endeavors from design and quality to customer service.

As we reflect on the past year, we also provide a small sneak-peek into a few exciting plans for 2019! Why not begin with MERIDIAN STARS by Karen Styles, and new prints inspired by our colorful friends at PEEPS®?

Whatever You Make, Make It with Marcus...

Lisa Shepard Stewart
Marketing Manager


The Circa 1880 Club by Pam Buda. Beginning March 2019!


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We've Got the WOOL!

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    Mrs. Miller's Apprentice
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    Amish with a Twist IV
  • Queen & Her Court II
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    Posies Puzzles
  • Flutter & Fly
    Flutter & Fly
  • Stargazing
  • Pieceful Pines
    Pieceful Pines
  • Aunt Grace Basket of Scraps
    Aunt Grace Basket of Scraps
  • Bristle Creek Farmhouse
    Bristle Creek Farmhouse
  • Twilight Tones "Painter's Garden"
    Twilight Tones "Painter's Garden"
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